Thursday, November 28, 2013

I am thankful my eyes have been opened this year, to something much bigger than me and for that I am grateful!

Happy Turkey Day Bloggets!!
Hope you all have an amazing day with family and friends!
This Thanksgiving is different then all the rest.
This year I am different.
I am more thankful then ever before!!
I am Not saying I haven't always been grateful,
 I just feel more thankful this year...
I feel it in my heart!
"I see the world in a new light,
my eyes have been opened bigger, bigger then before
 for that I am grateful"
As my new house is just weeks from completion, I look at it in awe.
I cannot believe I will lay my head there.
I feel guilty.
How can I lay my head there.. when others are lying on dirt floors,
with no houses, no food, no family.
It hurts me..
 it hurts me that I haven't been doing more...
doing more for the needy and less fortunate!!
It's not too late for me...
this year I know...
this year I will...
this year I am!!
I invite you to come on a journey with me this year...
A journey to help those who need us!
Help anyway you can!
Find your passion, find your cause and follow it!!
Many of you may say:
I don't have extra money...give time
I don't have extra time...give love..
Some may say I am sad and don't have love...
Just a kind word,
 Just one prayer..
it all helps!!
Some of you may Laugh at me...
It doesn't matter...
I have my faith, family, and friends they know my true intentions...
My focus right now is on the orphans in third world countries...
I feel a yearning in my heart to get to them..
I can't figure it out though...
Do they need me as a nurse?
Do they need me as a mom?
I am praying, I am praying to find why I have been drawn there...
So, I ask you...
What is your focus?
Find your cause,
find your voice
 help those who need help...
Help in your community
In your State
In your neighborhood
...Does not matter who or where!!
we are all God's Children...
...whether miles away, oceans away, or down the street...
the need is the same!!!
(You may feel tempted to say, "Shelby help you own community, the people right here!")
and my answer is this...
"All God's Children are my community...
they are closer we think"
Just turn on your compute,it is almost like you can touch them..
You want to pick those babies up and hug them!!
So, this Thanksgiving, I truly am extra grateful..
not better, not more Godly...
I am just different..
Different in a Good Way...
and that is why!!
Please come with me and continue to follow my blog...
who knows where it will lead...

To read about my favorite cause, here is the link:
I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving!!
Luvs ya,

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