Monday, December 16, 2013

Fill your spirit, one drop at a time :)

Happy Monday Night Everyone~
I found an odd quiet I thought I would do a quick  little post!
Life has been very busy here!
..We are preparing for Christmas the best we can in our "temporary home"
...Our Stockings are hung and the tree is lit....
but, there is something VERY Magical about our "small, little home" this Christmas!!
..Instead of a Gazillion presents under the tree, there are only a few,
wrapped in Reminders of what Christmas is truly about!
I, unfortunately,  through the years
have trained my children wrong
Provided them with present after present...
To the point that they just throw one and move on to the next...
It is not enjoyable or meaningful
So, this year,
..Our presents are different..
there are less
They have special notes or tasks to remind them of the true spirit of Christmas.
Christmas is not about racing through presents
throwing them aside one by one..
I want them to really acknowledge the present and be thankful for it..
Because as we all know there are so many, many children
who go without..
They go without the main necessities of Life
(Love, Security, Food, Clothing, Shelter, a bed, a pillow, a blanket)
We cannot turn our heads to this!!
We must face it and help!!!
Christmas has changed for me,
It is something much, much bigger now
Through this spiritual journey that I am on~
I have been awakened to a happiness I can't put into words..
It is something more then just being happy...
It is almost Like my soul,
 my spirit
is"being filled"
(I guess you could say I am at the first drop, the first dribble in the direction I aim to go)
I refuse, refuse to let myself be filled with "stuff",
stuff that at the end of the day has no importance.
I know longer care "to keep up with the Jones'"
I now care "to Keep up with Jesus"
I hope this Christmas your spirit is filled
with the important thing!!
Love ya Guys,

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