Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What if you included this in your New Years Resolutions!

A post from 2013...
 A throwback to the New Year!
Happy New Year!

So today officially marks the first day of a new year. A day to start from scratch, wipe the year clean and continually aim to be the person you want to be. Many choose to aim to get fit, eat healthier, quit smoking, quit drinking, be a better mother, be a better friend, be a better wife, stay off social media (lol).  The list is endless. Each year we get on a roll but soon the "resolution" fades and we go back to our "old ways".

Why can't we keep our resolutions? Why is it so hard to change? You may find what I'm about to say weird or odd but I am just going to throw it out there. I wonder if we included God and Prayer in our resolutions would we then find the strength and courage to stick with them? If we really, truly honestly wanted to be better and we asked for the help from the "big Guy"; I believe, we would see change, not sudden instant OMG change, but we would find the strength, faith, and Grace to keep our resolutions.

I personally have been on a crazy journey this year. I found myself very lost in the beginning of last year. Between moving in a temporary home, starting a new job, having a husband who worked crazy hours, and trying to keep a sense of calmness to our family.  I found myself becoming a person I knew that I wasn't. A person who was quick to temper, quick to yell, quick to throw a "why me" out there.

So I prayed. and prayed, and prayed, and believe it or not I slowly begun to change. I started going to Church, I started reading inspirational books, God gave me a strength, a calmness I have never felt before. He brought me to a place where I no longer moped in my "self pity", he opened my eyes to people who are truly struggling,  the hungry, abused, neglected. From that point I have changed. It is not a immediate, everything is perfect change, but it is a I am growing change.

I can't describe when exactly the change occurred in my heart, but it came about after we moved into a small rental home with none of our personal belongings. It was just our family in this tiny house. I started thinking, if all my material items were stripped from me, would I be okay with me? I started searching to find myself. The person I long to be, a loving wife, a loving mother, a person who God would freely enter into his Kingdom.

So I read and read. Prayed and prayed. God Send me a sign for a purpose for my life. I then opened a book called: Kisses by Katie and my eyes were opened to pain that no one ever deserves. Pain of being starving, pain of being alone with no family, pain of having nothing but still Loving JESUS!!


So, I read her story and I had to help this cause. So, I studied her program and I focused on helping others. I talked about her...(a lot)...wrote about her (a lot) and with the support of my friends we raised money for her cause. People bought Uganda jewelry, people donated to our sale of Lotsa Dotsa and things were progressing.  We had raised money for this cause...but I still had a nudge.

You know that pit of your stomach nudge, that inner voice nudge.
There is still something nudging in my heart, I feel that I am being called to help more.
A child who is alone, WHO IS  hungry, WHO is hurting and in need... NEEDS me!!

I don't know what exactly this nudge it, I have been praying that the nudge will clear within my heart and lead me to what I am being lead towards.

I once read in a book where a lady asked her friend:
"why would God choose me to adopt, why would he call on me?"
and her friend told her  "because God knew you would say yes"

Sometime God puts unimaginable requests in our life because he knows we will be obedient. He calls on you because you will "say yes"!

So as you make your resolutions this year, try including GOD and PRAYER in them..
Try SAYING YES to God, having God by your side will make you stronger in your resolutions.

Try investing in him to help you...You Never Know where it will LEAD you :)

Happy New Year!!!
Loves ya, Shelby

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