Friday, January 3, 2014

"Mom, how do you know when you hear God?"

"Mom, how do you know when you hear God?"
The other day my son had made a really awful statement about his brother and I sent him to his room.
He made an annoyed face and mumbled some "not so nice words" to me.
I said "You know what buddy, you should really pray, pray that you can be a better brother!"
He sat there in his room for a while and then came out:
Mom I try, I have been trying to pray, but I just don't hear him.
He then said,
"Mom, how do you know when you hear God?"
I was stunned, stopped in my track.
It was a question I have been fighting with personally my own life.
Questioning if what I really hear is God.
I tried to answer him the best way I could.
But, I could tell my answer wasn't enough.
I said
"You just listen, you listen buddy for this special voice inside you."
"I try mom, I try I just can't hear it."
So, I told him I would try to find a better answer.
That night, I went to bible study with an amazing group of moms.
Now, our "bible study" is more like "wine study, with a good Christian book"
But, the women are AMAZING!
They inspire me, t
hey teach me,
 they don't judge me because I don't know much about the church, it's teaching, our religion.
They just support me.
So that night, I asked the ladies what my son and I are struggling with
 and I said to them:
"How do you guys know when you hear God?"

They looked at each other and looked at me.
No one could quite give me a perfect answer
I believe we all struggle with it.
But there was a few women
who without question
they knew his voice
  knew how to hear him.
For they have been practicing, practice praying, and searching for many years.
The ladies answered
 "you will know!"
"It is that strong voice in your stomach,
in your soul,
 spiritual voice that you just hear!"
They encouraged me to really listen, just listen.
They said it takes practice and time.
Just keep praying, keep listening.
So that night I went home and said
"buddy, you know that question you asked about how you know if you really hear God?"
I said,
 "You will know.
It is that pit in your stomach, in your soul
strong voice that you know is God."
God will not lead you astray.
you will get better
with practice you will know what to hear!!
So, if any of you struggle with this like I do
I pray that you will practice to hear him.
I pray that you practice to know him.
God Bless &
Happy Friday,

My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart
 my portion forever.
(psalm 73:26)

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