Tuesday, January 14, 2014

So, in all of these "not fits"..I know there will be "a fit"!

Happy Tuesday Everyone. Today I have the day off and felt the need to hop on the computer and blog. I have changed the format a little bit so that it is easier to read, as much as I love the color turquoise it made for difficult reading at times.

What a family Looks Like...
From the outside looking in my family looks complete. Three boys and a girl that "fit together" into my family. It seems as though we are complete.

In my recent "spiritual journey" my eyes have been opened to children all around the world who have not "fit" in anywhere. They are struggling, struggling to find a place to call home. 

What would happen to the picture above if there was a child with a different background then us? Could our family still make the puzzle come together into a beautiful work of art in the end? I, honestly, believe in my heart I could.

However, in my journey, I have been blocked by things that just "don't fit", they aren't fitting!!

For example,
....I'm sorry mam' you have to many children?
....I'm sorry mam' you need $30,000
....I'm sorry mam' you suffered from anxiety many years ago, you are unhealthy.
...I'm sorry mam your net worth has just to be this.
...I'm Sorry mam you must leave your family and travel around the world two or three times before taking a child home, which means leaving work and your family for long periods of time

God, Why is this not fitting?
Where should I search? What is this calling? I hear you, but I can't get the answer.

In my journey, I have studied orphanages and adoption. I have been on gazillions of sites and spent time studying adoption.  I have noticed that millions and millions of children are functioning alone, sleeping on dirty floors, with no one to love them. Why haven't they found a place to fit? I now see, there are so many obstacles for seeking families to overcome.

 In my journey to see if there is anyone else that could possibly "fit" into our family, I have found that many people are going to have very negative opinions of our family choosing to open our doors to another child. Shelby, you can't handle any more? Shelby, what's that doing to your other children? Shelby, it is unsafe, it is scary? Shelby, you are not thinking this through?

Yes, I answer it is scary.
YES, It could be unsafe.
Yes, I probably can't handle any more.
No, I am not thinking this through because I don't have to...I trust God's voice on this. I trust that he needs anyone who is willing to hear this problem, to help. Not just me! Anyone who would say yes!

James 1:27
Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

So, in all these "not fits", I know there will be "a fit"...I know there will be yes!
I just have to pray, pray that whoever needs us, will find us by the intervention of God!

Maybe they are closer then we think, maybe they are in our own backyard.
Whatever, the case I will continue to find "what fits" even if  on the outside it  doesn't appear to "fit" in others eyes.

God Bless,

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