Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lotsa Dotsa......

Happy Sunday :)
Hope all is well in blog~land....

..Yesterday was busy!
Why you may ask?

Because some good friends and I are in a craft fair.
Yes I am in a craft fair!

Why would you be in a craft fair?~you may ask
Believe it or not every time I go to the craft fair I dream of being in it!!

...Isn't that weird?
Me, Mrs. Undomestic Wants to Craft :)

The shop is called: Lotsa Dotsa :)
...the name comes from our Love of Polk~a~dots!!

And these pictures are some of the "the mostly finished products"...
We have ribbon to add and clips to apply :)
..But so far so good!!!

Some of the sayings:
"Don't get your Tinsel in a Tangle:
"Naughty or Nice"
"Santa Saw That"

So...Next Saturday Nov. 9th is the big Day "us non-crafty mothers" will be making our debut
@ the Miners!

Do you ever do anything outside of your comfort zone?
This is soooo out of my comfort zone but us mamas feel....
"the best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear"
Elf, The Movie

What are some things you would love to try but you feel out of your comfort zone?
~Do you want to go to zumba, but are embarrassed?
~Do you want to take an art class?
~Do you want to go back to school?
~Do you want to join a ladies group?

It definately takes courage and faith to go outside your comfort zone...
Us Mamas might get totally embarrassed at the event if no one buys them or like them...
At least we tried
it was super fun working on these 
we laughed...alot!!!

So be daring!
Do something out of your comfort zone....
~write that book
~Start that blog
~open that shop!

With family, faith, & friends you will have the support you need
if you think someone going to laugh at you...
Think of me and all the embarrassing things I say :)

Have a Blessed Sunday!!
Luv ya LOTSA :)

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