Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Tide is High But I'm Holding On!

 ...A post from a Year Ago
*It's always nice to look back :)

The past winter our family took a trip to Cancun, Mexico.
 It was crazy and amazing all rolled into one.
We brought our 4 kids in a last ditch effort to get some quality time together before our oldest son is too busy to join us.
 He turns 16 in July and his schedule is pretty packed with sports, sports, and more sports!  
So, we took out a second mortgage on the house..
took a family trip to Cancun! 
(I may be exaggerating a little, but it was pretty dang close)

It was a trip of a lifetime though 
 the memories we made were seriously worth every dollar we spent.
 I was looking back at our pictures and came along a few that took place right by the ocean. 

The ocean has away of making you feel small but important and peaceful all at the same time.
I feel especially close to God there. 
I feel as though he can see and hear me more when I am by the ocean.
 That may sound weird but I feel really connected spiritually when I am there.

As I looked at these pictures...
I started to think how the ocean's tides has been a great representation of my life. 

Some days the tides are calm and we are walking peacefully on the sand watching our footprints. 
The ocean is a perfect turquoise color and everything seems to be as it should.

Then all of a sudden, 
a big tide comes in and throws our family for a big loop!!
The tides keep coming in 
Just as I catch my breath, another on comes.
 I can barely jump fast enough to get over the next one!

 I don't know if anyone can relate to that?
 These past few months have been some big tides
I feel like I hope I can stay above the water before I am taken away by another tide.

How can one day life be so calm and the next so wavy? 
I have come to realize that on both calm days
on wavy days... the ocean remains beautiful. 
That is how I feel about life lately. 
In the craziness of a stormy or wavy day... there is still beauty!

Don't be discouraged by the tides of life,
 you will jump over 
 you will catch your breath. 
The storm will be over and the majestic calm of the ocean will be back!

Love you all so much and I hope God meets you at the Ocean of Life!

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